October 13, 2022

Virtual BlockHealth Summit 2022

Making Healthcare Secure

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“..blockchain technology has the potential to transform healthcare, placing the patient at the center of the healthcare ecosystem and increasing the security, privacy, and interoperability of health data.”
– Deloitte

The healthcare industry is overflowing in data that is heavily fragmented across the healthcare ecosystem, which impacts the efficient delivery of healthcare services and research for all stakeholders – patients, providers, pharmaceuticals, insurance. Blockchain has the potential to solve for these inefficiencies as it enables solutions with increased security, trust, and traceability required to manage highly sensitive data. The promise of blockchain to transform healthcare has led to growing global interest.

Patientory Association is hosting its second annual blockchain healthcare summit – BlockHealth Summit at the Future Blockchain Summit in Dubai from April 1-3, 2019 at the Dubai World Trade Center. Join us at the BlockHealth Summit to hear directly from industry experts about this transformative technology and explore its potential to transform the healthcare ecosystem.


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Opening Keynote

Virtual BlockHealth Summit

Michael Marchant, Board Member of Patientory Association

Startup Pitches

dHealth Network

Komal Narwani

Startup Pitches


Daniel Uribe, MBA

Startup Pitches

nCight Inc

Dr. Alonzo Sexton

2021 Pitch Winner Presentation


Rama Rao, Founder and CEO of Bloqcube

Closing Keynote

Virtual BlockHealth Summit

April Boyd-Noronha


  • Networking opportunity with 300+ healthcare professionals, blockchain experts, future blockchain talent
  • Expert lead Connect-A-Thon sessions to explore and specific healthcare use cases
  • Keynote presentations & “Ask The Expert” sessions on topics of:
    • An Introduction to Blockchain Healthcare
    • Disrupting the Model: Consumer-Driven Healthcare
    • Considering Blockchain in Healthcare Use Cases
    • Gene Chain: Disrupting the Geonomic Industry with Blockchain
    • Quality Measurement; Value-Based Programs
    • Health Information Exchange with blockchain
    • Regulatory Implications concerning the adoption and scalability with blockchain
    • Securing data and cybersecurity with blockchain
    • Application with cryptocurrency in blockchain

Who should attend

  • Any and All professionals, experts, decision-makers, rising talents for healthcare industry
  • Healthcare providers and professionals
  • Pharmaceutical manufacturing and distribution
  • Medical devices
  • Health Technology software, providers, and partners
  • Payor, Providers and Patient Representatives
  • Rising talents
  • Digital Health Transformers
  • Anyone else interested in the intersection of healthcare and blockchain

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