Board Members

The Patientory Association facilitates the development of standards that are essential to the implementation and adoption of the PTOYMatrix platform and token in securely protecting and managing healthcare information. Such standards are necessary for interoperability and auditability and for transparency purposes. These activities will help ensure the safety, reliability and usability of the use of the PTOYMatrix platform by its members and the general public, a prerequisite to the wide acceptance of the PTOYMatrix platform as a viable means of transacting business by the public and the acceptance of the industry as a whole.

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Chrissa McFarlane

Patientory Inc

Jonathan M. Fuchs, FACHE

Chief Operating Officer , The Kidder Street Consulting Group

Michael Marchant

Director, Health Information Exchange


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Marquesa Finch

P2Health Ventures; Board Member of Patientory Association (2018-2022)

North America

Jim St. Clair

Dinocrates Group LLC

North America

Bud Zborowski

American Blockchain Council

North America

Thileepan Sivanandham

Maax Market Inc


Dr. Alonzo Sexton

Physician, Orthopedic Surgeon, Orthopedic Sports Medicine

North America

Dr. Suhail Chughtai, FRCS

Medical City Online, Physician


Dr. Ángel Orlando Rabines Juárez

Emergency and Nuclear Medicine Physician, Entrepreneur

South America

Abdelfatah Mouttaqui

Blockchain Strategist


Dr. Mazin Gadir




Entrepreneur, Freelance Writer and Physician

North America

Shivam Tripathi

Healthcare Analyst

North America

Dr. Tiffany R. Gray, DrPH, MPH

Axes and Eggs

North America

Massimiliano Barawitzka

Health Innovation Advisor and Communication Expert


Mohamed Osman Elawad

Founder of Sudan Blockchain Community


Dr. Domingo Liotta

Healthcare Innovation at Cluster Blockchain S.A.S

South America

Charbel Ghostine

Co-Founder at Blockchain Leaders


Michael Marchant

Director, Health Information Exchange

North America

Bahzad Deyab

Cheif Technical Officer at Tenunity


Luis Osorio

Business Development Manager of SmartPeople Technology

South America

Ernest Mhlongo

Founder at E-Center for Women’s Cancers and Maternal Health


Dr Richard Sadig

MBBS, MMed, B Pharm (hons), ANZCCP - Medical Doctor



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Our past partners

Frequently asked questions

What is the Patientory Association?

The Patientory Association, a global nonprofit healthcare 501c(6) member trade organization facilitates the adoption of emerging technologies in the healthcare industry. Currently, the foundation connects healthcare industry adopters of the PTOYMatrix blockchain-based storage network which comprise the PTOYMatrix consortium.

What is the PTOYMatrix Blockchain Storage Network?

The PTOYMatrix healthcare blockchain storage network is a decentralized and distributed network that secures private health data (PHI) and allows users to access health data information.

Who are ecosystem members?

Providers -Share/Access Patient Data, Enhanced Care Coordination Payers - Tracking Patient Status, Faster Payment, Prior Authorizations, Provider Credentialing Pharmaceuticals - Supply Chain Management, Clinical Trials Technology Firms - EMR, Monitoring Devices/Apps (IoT devices) Developers – Control & Management of Health & Medical Information