More than 9,000 attendees with leading keynote speakers discussed the technology that will revolutionize healthcare

Atlanta – April 11, 2019 The Patientory Association, a global non-profit healthcare member organization founded to promote and develop new technologies and applications in the healthcare industry, hosted The BlockHealth Summit in Dubai, UAE on April 1-3, 2019 in tandem with Smart Dubai’s Future Blockchain Summit.

The BlockHealth Summit was held at The Dubai World Trade Centre, during the second annual Future Blockchain Summit. More than 120 speakers, including more than 25 healthcare speakers, and 9,000 attendees gathered to discuss blockchain advancements around the world and shed light on the infinite implementations of the technology within healthcare.

“We presented our Dubai Health Authority use case at the BlockHealth Summit to show how it can save time for doctors,” says Waleed Saeed Saif Ali AlDhuhoori, Head of Application Development, Dubai Health Authority. “Hopefully after the launch of our use case it can help to show how to improve the quality of service as well as costs and waiting times across the healthcare industry.” He went on to back blockchain as a means of sharing medical data – including professional licenses – securely and easily across geographies, a process that currently lacks in absolute authenticity and verification.

Additionally, Joseph Thompson, CEO of Aid:tech, spoke to crowds about how blockchain solves huge implications for identity verification, aid distribution and tracking the health of mother and baby.

Other notable powerhouse speakers on the Healthcare track included:

  • Daniel Nigrin, CIO of Boston Children’s Hospital
  • Synho Do, Director, Laboratory of Medical Imaging and Computation of Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School
  • Marta Piekarska, Director of Ecosystem, Hyperledger
  • Dr Abdullah Albeyatti, Board Member, NHS Digital, CEO and Co-Founder of Medicalchain
  • Dr Robert Learney, Lead Technologist, Blockchain & LT – Digital Catapult
  • Joseph Thompson, CEO, Aid:tech
  • Kristo Vaher, CTO – Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications for Estonia
  • Lorrie Carr, CEO – ExceleraRx

“Patientory Association has long been at the forefront of adopting emerging technologies such as blockchain and it was invigorating to see Smart Dubai and other industry leaders embrace and discuss the future model health system for other countries and governments,” says Chrissa McFarlane, President of Patientory. “We look forward to a future where global health information is securely stored and managed in real-time with the successful implementation of blockchain – leading to improved health outcomes for all.”

“Blockchain will dramatically change how people experience healthcare as well as how the business side of the industry will be managed,” says Ain Aaviksoo, Former Deputy Secretary General E-Services Innovation, Ministry of Social Affairs, Estonia. “The technology helps to establish a new trustworthy relationship when it comes to visibility of health records and other important parts of the healthcare industry.”

About The Patientory Association

The Patientory Association is a US. non-profit membership organization founded to develop and promote new technologies and applications in the healthcare industry, especially in the fields of open source distributed ledger technologies (DLT) and decentralized software architectures. The Patientory Association focuses on securely storing and managing health information in real time. The storage and management will be facilitated by a blockchain-based token (called “PTOY”). The Patientory Association promotes the PTOY platform in commerce as a whole by helping develop standards that are essential to the implementation and adoption of the PTOY blockchain platform and token in securely protecting and managing healthcare information. To learn more, visit