The Patientory Association is thrilled to open up the Global Ambassador program for healthcare and technical evangelists who have prior expertise in healthcare interoperability initiatives.  The main role is to further advance the adoption of emerging technologies and interoperability in the health industry by participating in speaking engagements or assisting healthcare companies that are adopting or implementing these technologies such as the HIPAA compliant PTOYMatrix blockchain network.

What is the role of an ambassador?

The ideal ambassador is someone who is passionate about both Patientory and the potential use of blockchain and emerging technologies in health care and should exhibit the following qualities:

What Initiatives will Ambassadors undertake?

Firstly, you will be leading education about the Patientory Association initiatives in your area.  This may entail participation in the following:

Ambassadors can also participate in the Patientory Association’s Speaker’s Bureau and Patientory Association Meetup Program.  The Speaker’s Bureau consists of those who speak for the Patientory Association at health and technology industry events. The Meetup Program organizes those members in close proximity.  While members don’t have to be the ones who organize the meetings, they should attend them on a regular basis.

Being an ambassador isn’t all about events, speaking engagements, webinars, and guest blogs. The most important thing you will get are new skills and experiences that will come with all the required engagements.

Anyone who meets the requirements and is interested in becoming an ambassador is encouraged to contact the Patientory Association staff, who vet and approve applications. Email us at