All development will be facilitated through standards and regulatory workgroups. This roadmap provides a framework for potential applications of the PTOYMatrix blockchain-enabled Health Information Exchange & Storage system and availability based on member commitments.


Q1 2017

White paper completion

Q2 2017

Token Sale promotion and completion

Q3 2017

Blockchain TestNet creation and EMR test environment development, Initiate Membership uptake

Q4 2017

Development, PTOY HealthNet: Private Testnet


Q1 2018

Development, DApp/Smart Contract(s), PTOY HospitalNet (Private Permissioned Blockchain), Private Data Store Implementation with IPFS, Private Testnet

Q2 2018

Ship, HealthNet Blockchain, Private HealthNet Testnet R&D, PTOY PTOYNet (Private Permissioned Blockchain with Public Data Store), Public Data Store Implementation (IPFS), Private Testnet

Q3 2018

Ship, PTOY HospitalNet, Private Hospital Testnet, HealthNet Dashboard for PTOY Storage and Payments. Open-Source available for PTOYNet

Q4 2018

HospitalNet – Dashboard for PTOY Payments & Storage, Security enhancements, Integrate DApps/Smart Contract(s) from HealthCare Companies, Smart Oracle (blockchain interoperability)


Q1 2019

Additional Smart Contracts Payment Integration; Conferences & Expos

Q2 2019

Payor Integration; Conferences & Expos

Q3 2019

Pharmaceutical Integration; Conferences & Expos

Q4 2019

AI/Machine Learning Integration; Conferences & Expos



PTOYMatrix release in US. Launch Dapp Member onboarding.


2021 - 2025

PTOYMatrix Release in developing countries with Health IT initiatives